my amp


this was waiting for me when i got home from Sweden .. finally finished the cabinet to match the head … Carol Ann OD3r …three channels – (A) clean with master volume – (B) gain 1 with separate gain and master volume – (C) gain 2 with separate gain and master volume AND a master LEAD boost … along with bigger Pre Gain and Presence knobs …Tone-Tone-Tone

Channel master volume settings were on around 10:30…..more than enough volume in each example. To me this lower wattage design makes so much more sense in almost every situation, versus the standard higher wattage models. 

this amp is absolutley incredible across the entire tonal spectrum and will be able to accommodate any style that I require, clean to 60s, 70s rock to more.

My ears are ringing a little, this baby chimes, amazing overtones
Love the lead boost too, for when that sound man is asleep at the wheel.
these amplifiers are one of the most sonically versatile available on the market today and are happy producing every possible style of music from Country to Metal …  The clean channel features the warmest tones available with a beautiful percussive attack. The Overdrive Channels are simply incredible with a harmonic balance that gives the amplifier a three dimensional feel, rarely experienced with any  standard design. On Channel B the amount of overdrive is variable from very slight breakup to a heavy rocking rhythm tone. Channel C takes over where Channel B leaves off from a heavy crunch to all out sweetly compressed high gain tone. Note separation and response remain true throughout the full range of gain settings. To add even more versatility the addition of a footswitchable ‘Lead Master’ allows the player to select a different volume control for lead levels. This Lead Master works on either Overdrive Channel. The OD3r is cathode biased and requires no bias adjustments when changing tubes. There is a switch between the power tubes that switches the power stage between 6L6GC and 6V6 power tube operation.
comes with a full tube buffered Serial Effects Loop
and the new upgraded 4 button Footswitch: Clean/OD, B/C and Lead Master with LEDs is simply awesome… this simplifies the channel changes to a single one button press per channel, and also communicates everything through a standard 3 Pin detachable XLR-XLR microphone cable for easy  replacement…plus, I can choose any length of cable I want …  is built extremely durable and can handle all the punishment from those late night gigs
– don’t just take my word on it, check out these testaments –

“Alan’s amps have a very unique tone. They are smooth (when called upon),  growly and very articulate. A combination I have never  experienced before. The midrange is very expressive and reminds me a lot of a human voice. I have two and have ordered a third. I buy them because I like them, pretty simple. They can take a lot of punishment. (Run really hard for 2 hours, then loaded into a case and on to the next city, 200 nights a year) I highly recommend these amps for anybody who’s into improving their live or studio rig. Plus he is a nice guy…. and not afraid of 100 watts!!! Rare these days! “
  • Joe Bonamassa

“Bold Clean tones. Creamy, sweet and extremely dynamic overdrive tones. Superb Master Volume Circuit. The OD2 is a bracing experience for anyone who thinks they’ve seen and heard it all in boutique land”
Guitar Player Magazine – November 2010
This little brown amp head with an unassuming company name like Carol-Ann has made me a believer. In as long as I’ve played guitar, I’ve never been so taken off guard by the way an amp sounded or felt, especially considering how many I’ve played. ”
Premier Guitar  – Review of OD2r

what are you waiting for?

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