musician’s life

remember these gigs fellow troubadours?

Baltimore departure time – 10
Manhattan arrival time – 2:30
show location – The Pierre Hotel

load in the only 5×5 elevator in constant downpour, the entire PA, wardrobe and full show instrument cases, down one story – exit left – zig zag five hundred yards to another set of elevators – go up two flights – exit left and proceed into enormous ballroom where they have crammed too many tables and chandeliers – total trips = 12 -all gear can only fit on left –
stage is 4×25 with podium directly center and non moveable – finished by 4:30ish 

– food at 7 – client comes in to say doors open at 8 – at 7:40, client introduces us to someone who is going to be singing Star Spangled Banner with band – wait … wha?… in Bb … “because, (says 68 yr old James Lipton look alike) why do I have to scream when I get to the high note” – it actually works despite the Spinal Tap awkwardness 

2×45 minute sets starting at 9:30 – and we all know how these events go according to their “evening outline” – first set at 10:55 – 3 songs – wait in allotted dressing room while ‘comedian’ and final ‘video and awards’ finish up – after costume change and heading back to show room, we hear those wonderful words … “thank you all for coming and good night” … without missing a step, simultaneous 180, and quickly back to dressing room 

12 midnight – striking stage and loading out is so much fun after an event like this especially since immigration has employed the entire kitchen and banquet non English speaking staff 

load out the entire PA, wardrobe and full show instrument cases in only working 5×5 elevator down two floors – exit right – zig zag five hundred yards to the only other 5×5 elevator – go up one floor – to where the truck is greeting us with a happy tail lift – total trips = 12 

Manhattan departure time – 1:45 am 
Baltimore arrival time – 5 am 

3 songs … 8 minutes – 
paycheck – priceless

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