Live Now ~ do what you love-love what you do ~


there are very few things that really matter to me in life and sometimes i’ll imagine getting to the end of my life and thinking back on the days i’m living right now. A great way to know if i’ve discovered these important things is to imagine myself as an old man thinking back on who i am today and what i’m doing.

am i proud of myself? …will i die knowing that i served purpose here on earth? …will what I’m doing now matter when i’m dying?

Difficult questions, maybe, but they’d be even harder to answer if the time came and there had been no preparation.

These are the questions you’ll ask at the end and you’ll want to know the answer before you get there.

So what’s your answer?

Live now. Not in the past as a victim and Not in the future as regret. LIVE NOW! Live honestly. Live true.

Love Life

Your life is the expression of you.

Who are YOU and what were you meant to bring to the world?

 allow your LIFE to be the answer

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