Welcome to My World


Hey folks and welcome to my “whatever I’m thinking about on this day” page.. where you’ll find everything that i’ll be up to…music…pics…rants…cookie recipes….tips on how to hit a 7 iron to ten feet… maybe some poetry….you name’ll be here that ill put it…being on tour with the Mahoney Brothers for the past fifteen years has been a wonderful experience for me..their “seasoned” experience in music and life has been extremely valuable to me and has somewhat made me who i am today..i’ll bring stories, vids and pics on the road and some accidental happenings that I’m sure my fellow troubadours will enjoy..

i hope to shed some light on to how lucky we truly are to me alive and enjoying LIFE on this wonderful make you laugh at LIFE and yourself.…and help those who take LIFE a little too seriously to loosen the hell up..and tony robbins here with saliva coming out of the corners of my mouth during my three part life coaching seminar rip off….but one has to take LIFE on full speed and stay positive..especially during these economic times…we have to adapt and change with it..LIFE is about change..change is good!

so love what you do~do what you love

stay healthy and happy

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