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Hey folks and welcome to my “whatever I’m thinking about on this day” page.. where you’ll find everything that i’ll be up to…music…pics…rants…cookie recipes….tips on how to hit a 7 iron to ten feet… maybe some poetry….you name’ll be here that ill put it…being on tour with the Mahoney Brothers for the past fifteen years has been a wonderful experience for me..their “seasoned” experience in music and life has been extremely valuable to me and has somewhat made me who i am today..i’ll bring stories, vids and pics on the road and some accidental happenings that I’m sure my fellow troubadours will enjoy..

i hope to shed some light on to how lucky we truly are to me alive and enjoying LIFE on this wonderful make you laugh at LIFE and yourself.…and help those who take LIFE a little too seriously to loosen the hell up..and tony robbins here with saliva coming out of the corners of my mouth during my three part life coaching seminar rip off….but one has to take LIFE on full speed and stay positive..especially during these economic times…we have to adapt and change with it..LIFE is about change..change is good!

so love what you do~do what you love

stay healthy and happy

Live Now ~ do what you love-love what you do ~


there are very few things that really matter to me in life and sometimes i’ll imagine getting to the end of my life and thinking back on the days i’m living right now. A great way to know if i’ve discovered these important things is to imagine myself as an old man thinking back on who i am today and what i’m doing.

am i proud of myself? …will i die knowing that i served purpose here on earth? …will what I’m doing now matter when i’m dying?

Difficult questions, maybe, but they’d be even harder to answer if the time came and there had been no preparation.

These are the questions you’ll ask at the end and you’ll want to know the answer before you get there.

So what’s your answer?

Live now. Not in the past as a victim and Not in the future as regret. LIVE NOW! Live honestly. Live true.

Love Life

Your life is the expression of you.

Who are YOU and what were you meant to bring to the world?

 allow your LIFE to be the answer

musician’s life

remember these gigs fellow troubadours?

Baltimore departure time – 10
Manhattan arrival time – 2:30
show location – The Pierre Hotel

load in the only 5×5 elevator in constant downpour, the entire PA, wardrobe and full show instrument cases, down one story – exit left – zig zag five hundred yards to another set of elevators – go up two flights – exit left and proceed into enormous ballroom where they have crammed too many tables and chandeliers – total trips = 12 -all gear can only fit on left –
stage is 4×25 with podium directly center and non moveable – finished by 4:30ish 

– food at 7 – client comes in to say doors open at 8 – at 7:40, client introduces us to someone who is going to be singing Star Spangled Banner with band – wait … wha?… in Bb … “because, (says 68 yr old James Lipton look alike) why do I have to scream when I get to the high note” – it actually works despite the Spinal Tap awkwardness 

2×45 minute sets starting at 9:30 – and we all know how these events go according to their “evening outline” – first set at 10:55 – 3 songs – wait in allotted dressing room while ‘comedian’ and final ‘video and awards’ finish up – after costume change and heading back to show room, we hear those wonderful words … “thank you all for coming and good night” … without missing a step, simultaneous 180, and quickly back to dressing room 

12 midnight – striking stage and loading out is so much fun after an event like this especially since immigration has employed the entire kitchen and banquet non English speaking staff 

load out the entire PA, wardrobe and full show instrument cases in only working 5×5 elevator down two floors – exit right – zig zag five hundred yards to the only other 5×5 elevator – go up one floor – to where the truck is greeting us with a happy tail lift – total trips = 12 

Manhattan departure time – 1:45 am 
Baltimore arrival time – 5 am 

3 songs … 8 minutes – 
paycheck – priceless

my amp


this was waiting for me when i got home from Sweden .. finally finished the cabinet to match the head … Carol Ann OD3r …three channels – (A) clean with master volume – (B) gain 1 with separate gain and master volume – (C) gain 2 with separate gain and master volume AND a master LEAD boost … along with bigger Pre Gain and Presence knobs …Tone-Tone-Tone

Channel master volume settings were on around 10:30…..more than enough volume in each example. To me this lower wattage design makes so much more sense in almost every situation, versus the standard higher wattage models. 

this amp is absolutley incredible across the entire tonal spectrum and will be able to accommodate any style that I require, clean to 60s, 70s rock to more.

My ears are ringing a little, this baby chimes, amazing overtones
Love the lead boost too, for when that sound man is asleep at the wheel.
these amplifiers are one of the most sonically versatile available on the market today and are happy producing every possible style of music from Country to Metal …  The clean channel features the warmest tones available with a beautiful percussive attack. The Overdrive Channels are simply incredible with a harmonic balance that gives the amplifier a three dimensional feel, rarely experienced with any  standard design. On Channel B the amount of overdrive is variable from very slight breakup to a heavy rocking rhythm tone. Channel C takes over where Channel B leaves off from a heavy crunch to all out sweetly compressed high gain tone. Note separation and response remain true throughout the full range of gain settings. To add even more versatility the addition of a footswitchable ‘Lead Master’ allows the player to select a different volume control for lead levels. This Lead Master works on either Overdrive Channel. The OD3r is cathode biased and requires no bias adjustments when changing tubes. There is a switch between the power tubes that switches the power stage between 6L6GC and 6V6 power tube operation.
comes with a full tube buffered Serial Effects Loop
and the new upgraded 4 button Footswitch: Clean/OD, B/C and Lead Master with LEDs is simply awesome… this simplifies the channel changes to a single one button press per channel, and also communicates everything through a standard 3 Pin detachable XLR-XLR microphone cable for easy  replacement…plus, I can choose any length of cable I want …  is built extremely durable and can handle all the punishment from those late night gigs
– don’t just take my word on it, check out these testaments –

“Alan’s amps have a very unique tone. They are smooth (when called upon),  growly and very articulate. A combination I have never  experienced before. The midrange is very expressive and reminds me a lot of a human voice. I have two and have ordered a third. I buy them because I like them, pretty simple. They can take a lot of punishment. (Run really hard for 2 hours, then loaded into a case and on to the next city, 200 nights a year) I highly recommend these amps for anybody who’s into improving their live or studio rig. Plus he is a nice guy…. and not afraid of 100 watts!!! Rare these days! “
  • Joe Bonamassa

“Bold Clean tones. Creamy, sweet and extremely dynamic overdrive tones. Superb Master Volume Circuit. The OD2 is a bracing experience for anyone who thinks they’ve seen and heard it all in boutique land”
Guitar Player Magazine – November 2010
This little brown amp head with an unassuming company name like Carol-Ann has made me a believer. In as long as I’ve played guitar, I’ve never been so taken off guard by the way an amp sounded or felt, especially considering how many I’ve played. ”
Premier Guitar  – Review of OD2r

what are you waiting for?

Sweden 2013

IMG_3653 10.13.01 PM

2013 started off nicely with a trip over the big pond to our right to Stockholm..where we were fortunate to be on the Viking Cruise Line Gabriella for a wonderful six week run to Helsinki and back…in fact, they asked us back later in the year from October- November..this time on board the Mariella…tho it was cold, everyday, the people were most friendly and gracious…what a different world over there..if one ever gets an opportunity to travel and experience a different culture and a group of people, please take advantage and go…you might learn a little something on what its like to be caring for others and be a little less selfish…this world can be tough, but by being caring towards one another, we can ALL get through this LIFE together …




….born in the “Summer of Love“… Jay is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Lakeland, was after his first trip to Sweden when he was 16, that he got the urge to get out and see the world..he moved to near by Orlando where he worked at Walt Disney World performing “everything from fur to the big stages”..after departing Florida in ’95, Jay was aloof throughout the US living in twelve states before bunkering down in Baltimore..where since 2001, he has been touring with the national act, The Mahoney Brothersbringing the joy of music and soulful sounds that shaped America’s soul …along with the lengendary Beatles Tribute show, “Long Live The Beatles”, (the longest touring Beatles act in the world)..portraying the legendary George Harrison… Jay released his first debut solo album “Welcome To My World”  in 2005..with the follow up 2011 “Rosalie” to much critical acclaim with hits such as “Give It a Try” as well as the well received “Tonight”..


LIFE doesn’t care about you..YOU have to care about it”, Jay says..” stay healthy and happy what you do ~ do what you love…and most of all..SING until the whole world hears!..”

long live rock and roll

… yes, i worked at Walt Disney World…performed in parades and shows..portayed Prince Charming…was Goofy, Tigger, and all characters in the 6ft. range…performed at Diamond Horseshoe, Beauty and the Beast and was lead actor/stuntman performing as Ace Ventura in his own stunt show..i worked for Sea World of Texas from ’87-’88, performing all over North and South America in shows and yes, even as Shamu…




I was a stuntman for Universal Studios circa ’90-’91 in Orlando, Florida specializing in high falls and combat fighting for stage and film..worked for Seattle based Greg Thompson Productions in Branson, MO as well as Biloxi, MS and all up and down the west coast and midwest at numerous casinos doing stage dance and comedy and yes, i even wore a dress at some point…


2000 in Philadelphia was where i met The Mahoney Brothers out of New Jersey…the Turning Point in LIFE was the time i was performing in a GTP show and i decided i didn’t want to do it any longer and felt i needed to move on…The Mahoney Brothers were in need for a guitar player and after a crappy audition and an even crappier rehearsal, i was in!..first stop were the casinos of Tunica, Misissippi near Memphis…after being aloof since ’95, and residing in twelve states, i finally planted down in Baltimore




2004 released debut solo album “Welcome to My World



2011 released second solo album “Rosalie” to much critical acclaim…with hits like “Give It a Try” and “Tonight”…both doing exceptionally well world wide..



2014 released third solo album “All the Reasons Why a somewhat 80’s theme throughout the record…”Drive” and the self titled, “All The Reasons Why” are just a few of the standouts..



2020 brings the release of his new project, “Jay Swanson Band“, out June 2020..a great roots rock album loaded with great songs such as the opening blues rock track “Jenny Lee” and the classic California sound ballad “Jane”…Jay’s passion for the Rolling Stones are evident in the rockers “Queen Bee” “So Far Away” and “Lonesome Highway Blues”…“Honey Do” is a great country style song that would make Jerry Garcia smile..the Carly Simon/Mick Jagger era is clear in “One Love”, the album’s final song is a cool, foot tapping~finger snapping groove..perfect way to end the record…all in all, this latest offering from Jay is a fantastic with a great mix of classic roots blues rock and Americana music….Jay called on some of his favorite musicians from Baltimore, BJ Kerwin on drums, Eric Bouchard, from Annapolis, on bass, Greta Thomas on all the violins and strings, and Robyn Bingham added all the right backing vocals, and together provided a strong rhythm section and a great foundation…associate producer JJ Barkett and Jay go way back, with JJ being a driving and supportive force in helping Jay get the tunes out…once again, Scott Smith, over at The Wood and Stone Room in Baltimore, put the icing on the cake…Timmy Sean of Noisewater Records, helped with cd design and Jay looks forward to having this released on the label as well…last but not least, Corky Ellis, from Asheville, NC, who took the amazing photo of the Airstream Ranch, a place Jay holds dear to his ❤️, for the album cover…☮️


all music found on itunes, bandcamp, soundcloud, apple music and cdbaby, as well as spotify..


… and when Covid19 halted all touring and social events for 2000 and most of 2021, Jay played for his neighbors every Friday night at the “Live from Rosalie Happy Hour” concert series, which brings all the neighbors from up to five blocks away to enjoy a night of music…Jay also has been playing small vineyards throughout the state for small gatherings where restrictions are provided by the governor…“it’ll be some time before we musicians can get back to our love of live gigs in bars, state fairs, big stages, concert venues, touring life or just the typical solo gig, but we’ll get thru this together..we ALL have each other’s back and well all support one another thru live streams on local charities”… Baltimore has an amazing inner city music family…

One Love


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© jay swanson 2022